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Boy with football in school corridor. The Reinhard Fabisch School of Football is being established to provide the best youth football facilities and environment for the development of young players in Zimbabwe. Our intention is to provide a safe, stable environment and structure within which children can develop to the maximum of their potential.

We aim to give each child the best possible opportunity to become a professional football player, through our extensive network of scouts and contacts at the top clubs throughout Southern Africa. It is essential to give each child at the School of Football the opportunity to grow in football, education and life. To ensure a well-rounded individual, we also focus on the teaching of basic life skills, health care and personal finances.

Through our partnership with Prince Edward School, we are able to provide each child with the best education available in Harare.

Additionally, we intend to positively affect the wider community, by providing the best possible football coaching for all children by assisting with the training of the best coaches in Zimbabwe.

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